There are no safe levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy

I want to share with you the information about a campaign of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality, called 'Pregnant zero alcohol'.

And I do it because in relation to the consumption of this drug in pregnant women, there are clear evidence on its ability to produce malformations, to interrupt or alter the development of the embryo or fetus at any stage of pregnancy. During pregnancy, alcohol passes through the placenta to the fetus and scientific information does not guarantee a safe level of alcohol consumption, so the only safe consumption is zero. This is because its intake increases the risk of abortion, delay and low birth weight and congenital malformations of the newborn.

Alcohol consumption during the gestational period is therefore responsible for a huge burden of damage to the physical and social health of the individual, his family and society in general, which is entirely preventable. The Ministry's recommendation applies to the preconception period, to pregnancy and also to breastfeeding.

This substance causes toxic effects on the brain, especially during those stages of life in which its maturation has not been completed: embryonic and fetal periods, childhood and adolescence. The baby's health care begins by taking care of the mother's own, and acquiring good habits that reduce all risks

A pregnancy does not involve a disorder or an alteration in the life of a woman and It is not incompatible, except in the case of a risk pregnancy so considered by a physician, with most activities family, social and work done by any woman who is not pregnant.

But nevertheless It is necessary to exclude any alcohol consumption because it is considered a direct cause of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (SAF), which includes growth retardation, central nervous system involvement and characteristic facial malformations.

The SAF is the most frequent cause of mental retardation of non-genetic origin. Its prevalence is 1-3 per thousand newborns, although higher figures are estimated when many other cases that present with incomplete symptoms and others that are not diagnosed until months and years after birth are included.

Remember that in the embryonic and fetal stages there is an enormous vulnerability to all types of stimuli with potential to modify both organic and behavioral processes.

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