A bedtime routine improves baby's sleep

One of the great concerns of parents with young children is sleep disorders. A great help to solve them is to establish a routine that favors relaxation before bedtime. Two studies published in the journal Sleep, the first conducted with children between 7 and 18 months and the second with children between 18 and 36 have shown that establishing a simple routine before putting the child to bed reduces nighttime awakenings and improves the continuity of break .

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Final goodbye to Bisphenol A in bottles and other items

As of June 1, the ban on the commercialization and importation of articles containing this toxic has entered into force, which means the definitive goodbye to Bisphenol A (BPA) in bottles and other items for daily use. Since last March 1, the manufacture of bottles with bisphenol A in the European Union is prohibited because it is considered a dangerous component related to diseases such as cancer, childhood obesity, diabetes, endocrine problems and cause alterations in the body.

The ritual of sleep

Of course, there are no magic potions, but there are some things you can do to make it easier for the baby to fall peacefully in Morfeo's arms at night. It is important to create a routine that is repeated day after day in the same order, which will provide security. Bedtime should be preceded by a ritual that the baby can easily recognize.

Unfair family planning

Up to 68% of Chinese citizens have discrepancies with the family planning policy established by the country's government, the reason for this discrepancy is the possibility of the rich and famous Chinese to have more than one child. These are the data provided by the China Youth Journal and QQ.

Introducing SkipHop news for rainy days

SkipHop Zoo raincoats incorporate 3D elements and are full of details that make children happy and entertained. In addition the hood with visor protects the face of children for rainy days and their brooches are easy to open and close so that the children dress alone. Also the adjustable sleeves are very practical because they allow to extend the life of the raincoat.

Iodine in pregnancy: why is it important?

Iodine, folic acid, calcium, omega 3 ... are some terms well known to pregnant women, as they are part of the recommendations for a healthy pregnancy. Today we focus on one of those elements and ask ourselves: why is iodine so important in pregnancy? Pregnant and breastfeeding women need larger amounts than at other stages of life since iodine is essential for the baby's brain development.

How to make a birthday cake for our children

One of the most exciting things for all fathers and mothers is to celebrate our children's birthday when they are young. Today I want to tell you how to make a homemade birthday cake for our children, with which you will surely have a good time and also make them very happy. In addition to surprising them with their favorite characters, when they eat it with their friends, you will know that the cake has no additives or preservatives, so it will be much better for them.

Spain is the country with more babies with low weight and late mothers

In an era where scientific studies are in fashion, we have been able to find one where it is confirmed that Spain is the country with more babies with low weight and late mothers, despite being one of the countries with the best data on perinatal mortality. This work, Europeristat analyzes several indicators in almost thirty countries over the past year 2010, (a previous report assessing these same data came to light five years ago, with data from 2004).

Babymel London presents its offer of explorer backpacks for kids

Babymel presents its range of Explorer Backpacks for children with beautiful and fun prints for the summer season 2014. His proposal includes the Tea Party for the girls, (in the image you can see the queen of hearts) and the Pow Boys for the boys, the latter with a comic-inspired design, light blue with gray accents (you can see below with a very pop style).

The future of the environment

Although with a weekend of delay, I would not like to miss the opportunity to remember that on June 5, World Environment Day was celebrated. One of the issues that as a citizen and especially as a mother worries me is the fragility of our environment, and I would like to convey to my daughters the importance of their care and respect.