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Mother's Day: the best gift you can receive

After all week trying to keep it "secret", yesterday I received in advance the most beautiful gift a mother can receive: the first gift made by her own son. As fortunately he tells me everything he does in the store, it was impossible that it was a surprise. In recent days there have been some failed acts like "Mommy, can I tell you that we are making a flower to give to moms or is it a secret?

Breastfeeding, who can help us better?

We asked ourselves a few days ago which doctor is the one who can best care for a breastfeeding mother. It seems that the answer is not clear. Indeed, the treatment and recommendations that a nursing mother may receive, depending on the circumstances, are very unsatisfactory and, many times, are not the necessary guide to bring breastfeeding to fruition.

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Women who control the dose of epidural anesthesia need less than the rest

In the US they have carried out a very interesting study in which the amount of epidural anesthesia that mothers need in the most effective way possible has been assessed: giving control of the amount of anesthetic to the same mothers. It has been observed with this experiment that mothers who control the amount of epidural anesthesia they receive during labor and the same delivery use about 30% less than if the anesthetist applies the standard dose.

Sexual intercourse during breastfeeding

One of the issues that concern the couple with the arrival of the baby is how will be the intimacy between the two from now on. The truth is that after birth there are changes in women at all levels, and of course, also in their sexuality. If the mother also chooses to breastfeed, in the postpartum there is a hormonal revolution that, of course, influences her sex life.

How to avoid food poisoning in hot weather?

From La Candelaria Hospital in Tenerife they tell us that the high temperatures typical of the summer months favor the development of microorganisms that contaminate food and that when ingested, can lead to gastroenteritis, the most frequent ones produced by salmonella. These conditions are more serious in children because of the risk of dehydration.

Amniochip: new prenatal technique that allows 150 genetic syndromes to be detected

A new prenatal diagnostic technique developed by Genetadi Biotech called Amniochip has just been introduced, which allows 150 different genetic syndromes to be detected. The amniocentesis technique is improved by focusing on three important points where the conventional one falters: it has a greater sensitivity, detects a greater number of syndromes, including malformations and idiopathic mental retardation that are not detected with a conventional karyotype, and The results are obtained in just 48 hours compared to two or three weeks of the other, since it does not require a cell culture.

A change of diet to improve autism

Autism is one of those diseases that are often forgotten when it comes to enumerating pediatric diseases but has a huge prevalence among children. According to the World Health Organization, there are 21 autistic people in the world for every 10,000 children. In the United States, a new case is diagnosed every 20 minutes.

Does having children make us better or worse drivers?

You sit in front of the wheel, it's 8:30 in the morning, you have a meeting at 9:00 and 40 minutes on the way, you're not going to arrive ... Well, if you run maybe you can do it at 30, if there is luck and There is not much jam. You put on your belt, you turn on the car, the radio sounds, you look in the rearview mirror to see if someone is coming and that is when you see that pair of little heads stuffed in caps and scarves with more sleep than you….

Ma Cacabane, an intimate play space for children

An ideal space for kids looking to be calm, especially at the stage where they start using the potty, is Ma Cacabane, an intimate play space for children of the Pirouette Cacahouète firm. It is a kind of booth made of cardboard and 100% recyclable ink that can be transported where the child wants to have their moment of privacy.

Beautiful space designed for children around an old tree

Every day that passes I admire more than what the Japanese are able to do, especially in relation to their nurseries and the food I prefer not to speak, the day someone merges a Basque steakhouse with a Japanese will be my downfall. Today I found this beautiful space designed for children around an old tree of more than 50 years and also has a beautiful history.

Proposals to change Education: value critical thinking

Among my proposals to change Education it is essential that I explain the importance that critical thinking will have for the child throughout his life and offer you some ideas to help them develop it. The importance of critical thinking Critical thinking is fundamental throughout our lives.

My baby: his first tooth appears

It is inevitable to compare with your older sister every new event in my baby's life. As for the age at which the first tooth came out, it is almost identical, with just two weeks apart. The youngest is showing her first little tooth with seven and a half months she already has. (already!

How many days must pass between one food and another at the beginning of the complementary feeding?

For many years the issue of complementary feeding has been a real chaos when making recommendations because each center, and each professional, explained it in its own way and in the end it seems that there were as many recommendations as professionals. Some said they had to start at 4 months, others than at six; some said that first it was necessary to give fruit, others that first cereals and others that did not matter; some said that what gave more allergy had to wait and others that was not necessary; and so, as I say, each family did a different thing and as it occurred to them to ask other families the debate was served.