How to apply sunscreen to the baby

Eva explained to us a few days ago what are the types of photoprotectors that we can find in the market and something fundamental, how to choose the most suitable for our baby. But in addition to knowing how to choose the most suitable sunscreen, it is equally important to apply it correctly so that its result is really effective.

Eminences of human fertility meet in Montreal

In the next few days there will be two extremely important events on in vitro fertilization that will be attended by great experts in fertility and that surely will be interesting conclusions in that field. The 14th World Congress on in vitro fertilization (IVF) and the third World Congress on in vitro maturation (IVM) organized by the International Society for In-Vitro Fertilization (ISIVF) will be held from September 15 to 19 in Montreal, Canada.

Omega 3: don't miss this summer at your table

Omega 3 is a type of unsaturated fats that is essential for the proper functioning of the body and, above all, it can benefit us during pregnancy, therefore, try not to miss this summer at your table to take care of your health and that of the child in developing. What omega 3 offers us in pregnancy Omega 3 in the body favors blood circulation by contributing to the reduction of bad cholesterol and preventing its accumulation in the arteries.

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My baby is three months old

Arturo is already three months old. Last week he has unleashed making "gorgoritos", through these beautiful sounds he begins to communicate and captivate me with long conversations. He also smiles, especially with his brother who does not take his eyes off for a moment. My baby is beginning to entertain himself with his gym, especially when he is placed so that he moves his hand and by chance shakes his pendants; when this happens the little "freaks out", opens his eyes, laughs, kicks with intensity and is interested in the effect.

Women who believe that their pregnancy has been the worst moment of their lives, such as Kim Kardashian

I am a man, so I cannot be very objective on this subject because I have never been pregnant nor will I be, but that does not mean that I find it interesting to see how women can live different moments of their lives in totally opposite ways. It is very common to hear women say that pregnancy has been the best moment of their lives, as it is to others to say that neither good nor bad: nine months of illusion but with much discomfort and eagerness to end.

Rice salad. Recipe for pregnant women

This rice salad is a very fresh and very complete dish, it can serve both as an accompaniment, as a single dish. Today we have chosen to add a Tibetan Goyi berries, which are very rich in antioxidants, and although they are dry they are not very sweet and with their intense red color they give a very cheerful touch to the salad.

"Maternities", sample of photos of Bru Rovira

Until February 28, 2010, we will be able to enjoy in CaixaForum Madrid the exhibition "Maternities" of the Catalan journalist and photographer Bru Rovira, who toured the world in search of snapshots about the deep and universal feeling of motherhood. The sample is composed of 16 photographs taken in various countries such as India, Senegal, Spain, Brazil, Guatemala, Rwanda or Serbia in which motherhood is exalted as a bond of union in which love and beauty prevails despite despite of adversities such as violence, marginalization, poverty or disease.

Obesity in young children: how it is controlled

Childhood obesity is a growing and worrying problem for a few years. However, far from being solved, pediatricians are observing how the problem is getting bigger over time. In a series of posts we are commenting on the main aspects of this table, in order to bring to any father and mother (or person interested in this topic) all the necessary information that allows him to face (better prevent) this situation.

Only three Latin American countries prohibit child physical punishment

What would we think if we talked about 80,000 children dying a year due to physical violence? Some figures that hit any receiver. If we say that those 80,000 deaths are counted only in the Americas, we can imagine the global tragedy for millions of children. In Latin America, data indicates that six million children suffer severe violence.

New studies confirm that children do not learn more with educational DVDs

The arrival of the DVD was a change in our lives on many levels. Interactive content, menus to navigate through them, games, etc. were added to the usual videos and movies. These possibilities began to squeeze various brands and manufacturers of products for babies and children by releasing DVDs intended for them with videos that alternated colorful images in motion, classical music and words.

Science at home

The love of science and research is an attitude that parents can do a lot to promote in the child and we can do it from our own home. The human being enjoys discovering. Asking ourselves about the causes of things is natural in human beings. Although we don't want to, we work like this, we are curious and learn by trial and error, with experimentation, but also by asking what interests us.

A Child Cancer unit changes "chemotherapy" to "Super Formula"

One of the biggest steps a person, and a child, can take to beat cancer is to want to be cured. For that we must try to help them feel good, happy, hopeful and eager to fight. Then, obviously, there are the treatments, which must play their part and which, unfortunately, still have many side effects.

Birth without epidural, an option for all pregnant women?

More and more people are encouraging women to live the experience of a natural childbirth in an attempt to end the excess intervention that births have suffered in recent years. We talk about respected, natural or humanized births and, in some way, we assume that one of the fundamental premises to enjoy this type of birth is not to resort to epidural anesthesia.

The pregnancy test has been positive: what do I do now?

It is an unforgettable moment, almost indescribable. You have been waiting for more or less time, but it is always a surprise. The pregnancy test has been positive and you ask yourself, "What do I do now?" Here we leave the road map since you take the pregnancy test and it comes out positive. After those emotions when knowing the news, the first thing to keep in mind is that we will not celebrate it with a toast with alcohol.