What would you answer if they called you a pedophile for hanging a photo bathing with your daughter?

The good thing about social networks is that you can share with the other beautiful moments of your day to day. The bad thing is that not all of those moments seem beautiful, and that by the mere fact of making your life public, others feel they have the right to criticize and give their opinions freely.

This is what happened to Torben Chris, a comedian who wanted to share with his followers a moment he considered tender, bathing with his two-year-old daughter, and who ended up being criticized for it, accused of pedophile. What would you answer if it had happened to you? This is what he replied:

I have been told that some people call me a pedophile because I take a bath with my two-year-old daughter. Others tell me that I encourage pedophilia and that it is not appropriate for my daughter to see me naked or to see me urinating. Hey, an adult and a child can be naked and together. There is nothing wrong with a father washing his daughter's vagina or ass when she is a baby. On the contrary, it is totally disgusting if nobody washes it and blatantly unfair if only her mother can do it. If we couldn't be together naked, we would be born with clothes. The nude with your daughter is not obscene but natural. A father with his daughter in the shower is not pedophilia, but fun.

Is the naked body still taboo?

The image that Torben has shared is not an image that I would have shared, precisely to save me the absurd comments of many people, but I cannot criticize him because I completely agree with him. There is nothing obscene about being naked and I think it is very healthy to show ourselves to our sons and daughters.

Come on, in my house the nude is as normal and in the same way that we both have showered with our children, we would do the same if they were girls (and I would do it too, obviously). I know that many parents do not see well that their children see them naked, or do not feel comfortable, but I really do not see anything wrong with it, precisely because neither adults have obscene intentions nor, of course, children.

In fact, it helps them to know us more, to know what adult bodies are like, so that they know how they will be when they grow up and that they see that we are comfortable with our body, despite their "imperfections".

Even when?

How long can you see us naked? I don't know, see you forever? I don't think there is a maximum age from which we have to start hiding from our children, although time makes them see us less and less because they start showering alone, for example. It may be a good time if the child says "Dad, you're going naked!", Although I would answer "Yes, so?". I am talking about that moment when you get out of the shower and you are going to get dressed, not sitting down to eat or watching TV naked, that some parents may do but it seems too much to me, and not because of them, but for me.

As long as the parents are comfortable

Now goes the key question: What if the parents are uncomfortable showing themselves naked? So then don't do it. Nudity is natural, but all the parts have to be comfortable, so if parents do not want their children to see them naked, it is still better not to happen, although if they accidentally saw them, it is advisable not to set up a scene: Children should not see nudity as something negative or to hideWell, they must learn to love their bodies, whatever they are.

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