"The boy and the beast" by Mamoru Hosoda opens on April 22

There is no weekend that boasts that it does not bring a film premiere to go to the rooms with our children, a family plan of those that we like in general to all, the little ones and the elderly.

Today we talk about “The boy and the beast” the last story directed by Mamoru Hosoda and that arrives in theaters on April 22. A movie that we will surely love to discover by the hand of our children, a movie that we will enjoy a lot together After all, that's what it's about, isn't it?

“The boy and the beast” It opens on April 22, next Friday, and it is the last work of the Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda, who is also responsible for the story script, is without a doubt one of the most anticipated Japanese animation productions of the year.

Mamoru Hosoda is considered by the specialized press as the new "Hayao Miyazaki" Although without questioning his good work behind the camera, not all critics agree that his successor can be considered at all.

The music comes from the hand of Masakatsu Takagi and the animation is at the expense of Studio Chizu.

In Japan "The boy and the beast" It was released in 2015 and they have already seen it more than 4 million viewers in this country, positioning itself as one of the successes of the year and the highest grossing movie of all that Mamoru Hosoda has directed.

The history

It is about the story of Kyuta, a lonely child who lives in Tokyo and Kumatetsu, a supernatural creature isolated in an imaginary world. There is a day when the child crosses the border between that world and the real world and befriends Kumatetsu. From there, the adventure is served.

The reflection of the director himself who is also a screenwriter of the story is that modern society is evolving in a way that also changes the values ​​of the traditional family which seems to cease to be valid, which makes it necessary to give a new meaning to the concept of family. With this film he intends to reflect and answer these types of questions.

Yes, it is for children but it is obvious that for us too adults, fathers and mothers of these children.

For the children in general "The boy and the beast" is a kind of adventure and fantasy story, for somewhat older children who are entering that accelerated pre-adolescence we are talking about a movie in which the protagonist keeps asking “who am I?” and for Adults It is considered more as a sample of that special relationship that arises between the two main protagonists.


This is the most recent movie of Mamoru Hosoda and its first premiere in the last three years, after films such as "The girl who leapt through time" or "Wolf children." Tapes that have made him the most important animation director in the world right now.

"The child and the beast" is inspired by the director himself at the birth of his son, exactly three years ago. The reflection on the growth and little by little, the arrival of the maturity that does not always occur from the hands of the fathers and mothers of the children, as in this case that the film tells and about which makes us reflect on the viewers of the tape.

Chizu study

It is the smallest animation studio in the world and it is "the headquarters" of director Mamoru Hosoda who created it during the production process of "Wolf Children".

Despite the long tradition of Japanese and North American animated films, Hosoda believes that there is much to explore, you only need to take risks, have an adventurous spirit and discover the possibilities that exist, from that philosophy comes the name of the studio “chizu” means “map ”In Japanese, a map to explore the territory of animation and what can still be discovered in it.

The study has become an environment in which Mamoru Hosoda's way of thinking about cinema and about the films they create there is recognized, stories for both children and adults, so they can enjoy together, so they can “meet” through them.

As "The boy and the beast" that we can enjoy in Spanish cinemas from April 22.

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