Children's theater is a good therapy for abused children

These days, the III Reflection Days on theater for children and youth are being held in Granada, in which different professionals from the children's world meet in different disciplines and where conferences are held, among which we highlight the one already held by the psychiatrist and family psychotherapist Jorge Barudy.

Barudy is an expert in children's resilience. Resilience in psychology refers to the ability of children to overcome or overcome bad experiences, setbacks, tragedies or times of emotional pain.

In his presentation, the psychiatrist states that theater is a good therapy for abused children, clarifying that abuse is not only physical or sexual abuse, but also educational negligence. Various studies have shown that while the abuse of children increases, their violent behaviors grow, while a child who has been loved, educated and well treated will not exhibit violent behavior (there may always be exceptions). The psychiatrist remarked that education cannot be given if one is not next to the child to teach him to respect himself and others, to control himself, etc.

Currently, the lifestyle, among other things, prevents many parents from maintaining the relationship with the children they should have, so Barudy finds that children's theater can be a complementary and therapeutic instrument, that is, it can make “ resilient tutor. "

It is true, theater is not just a show, it is a mode of communication that allows to express emotions. Children can be helped in this regard, the actors tune in to the children and convey respect and affection. No matter the environment in which the child lives, but they learn that they are responsible for their behavior but not for the family they have, children with emotional deficiency can understand that they are victims and not guilty.

Always from a good mood and constructively, children's theater helps improve the behavior of abused children.

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