Share room with brother, yes or no?

Yesterday we mentioned the launch of our older brother, the Peques blog and more dedicated to children between 5 and 12 years.

Among the attractive contents of the blog there is a topic that worries parents that we have more than one child and little space at home. Is it good for brothers to share a room?Is your intimacy healthy or harmful? Will the major invaded feel? How should we do it to create a harmonious coexistence?

First, as Mireia says in a comment, when there is no space, there is not. And there are no more laps to give it. If the house is small, there is nothing left to share a room. But beyond the question of space, the fact that the brothers share a room helps enrich a very special emotional bond.

In some houses, although there are two rooms for two children, they choose to create a game room to optimize space and among other things to encourage them to spend more time together. It is a good solution, at least for the first years. When they are older they will want and need more privacy.

It is recommended that the child goes to the room of the elderly at least with the first year of age completed so that he does not harm his rest. It is also convenient to keep each person's schedules, that is, not to force the older person to go to bed at the same time as the little one. We must remind him that he maintains certain privileges because he is older but that he must respect his brother's rest.

It is also advisable to acquire certain habits such as preparing pajamas, school clothes or backpack before the child goes to sleep. That is if there is a considerable age difference, when the ages are equalized and share the same schedules, the organization is simpler.

Anyway, it is necessary for each child to have their own space, books and toys inside the room so that no one feels invaded by the other. If there is room to place, for example, two reading chairs, better than better.

By sharing the same room and the same routines, children will go to bed at the same time and spend valuable time together before falling asleep. It is important to create a time for them to share that short time before sleeping. Of course, you have to be very aware of your safety because two naughty little heads always think more than one.

Video: Can Sister and Brother Share a Room? CloudMom (December 2019).