Support for hands-free baby bottle

I saw him a week ago in the news although I had already heard of him. The "magnificent" Hands-free Bottle Holder comes to light at Attic'08, the International Fair of Ideas and Inventions.

The invention itself has been patented since 2001. In the explanation of the invention we can read: "Children of a few months need almost continuous attention throughout the day, since there are many tasks necessary for their care. Among these tasks is the bottle feeding every few hours, in case breastfeeding is not possible . "

There are few cases in which breastfeeding is really not possible, but there are mothers who decide not to breastfeed their children and feed them with artificial milk, by using a bottle.

One of the most praised benefits of Breastfeeding versus artificial milk feeding is the emotional bond established between mother and child. When this benefit is discussed, many people explain that with the bottle you can also establish that emotional bond. I agree, in part, but it's harder, sure. It must be a quiet moment, of complicity and mutual surrender, of the distribution of caresses and looks, such as breastfeeding.

Now, with the use of systems of this type, or of the hands that imitate mom, and therefore of all the hands-free baby devices, as if it were a mobile (to join the stroller, the cradle, to the hammock that moves alone, to the pacifier ...), little affective bond is going to be created.

Feeding a baby is one of the few moments of the day, apart from the moment of bathing, until they invent the baby wash tunnel, which provides warm arms and a little moment of affectionate contact, yes or yes, to the baby. Now, it seems they won't have that.

In the explanation of the invention we can see that it is also used as an element of usefulness in the case of twins or triplets for both parents and nurses.

In this case, it is possible that I may have some usefulness, so as not to make any of them wait to be feeding another, but only in this case it would seem excusable, and yet I think should be avoided as much as possible (I don't know why, I imagine that one of them, the one that best suits the invention, would be the one who would always have to use it, depriving him of the contact of some arms as necessary as those of the caretaker).

Is this the future of society? Do youThere are more important things What to meet the needs of our babies?

Because if so, I am already thinking about a device changing diapers, the commented car wash, or who knows, a baby on and off switch ...

Sorry to be so hard ... but these inventions outrage me that they only manage to disconnect a baby from their parents and of course to some parents of their children.

Video: Freehand Bib Baby Bottle Holder for Hands Free Baby Bottle Feeding Twins (December 2019).