"With my designs I want to convey joy." We interview Eva, the creator of Kiddy Mini Model

Today we have Eva with us, she is only 9 years old and she is becoming famous, but this does not prevent her from continuing to be (and behaving like a girl). Despite his young age, has created a clothing brand for girls and boys, for dads and moms, called Kiddy Mini Model. She herself was the one who took the initiative by proposing to convert her drawings into clothes.

In the video you will find below, his parents explain Eva's great dedication to drawing, activity for which you always find a hole. Maria and Francisco are still surprised to remember how during the course of a meal in a restaurant, their daughter told them that she wanted to create her own fashion brand, and David (the Kiddy Mini Model partner) recounts how it was clear from the beginning that You had to bet on that idea. You will see the clothes when you access the store, what I like about the clothes is that they are fun, fresh, seem to have emerged from spontaneity, and are different from what I know, which is not surprising taking into account that originated from the imagination of a girl. Now I leave you with Eva:

Peques and More.- Hi Eva, and thanks for being here answering our questions. How does a girl your age get to have her own clothing brand?

  Eve.- Hi Macarena, it was an idea that occurred to me because I really like to dress up and I love to draw, and I made many drawings of girls dressed in many ways, and one day in a cafeteria I told my parents.

With my designs I want to convey joy, children playing, gymnasts, families, different princesses, but that are fun

  PyM.- It is clear that you like the design, do you remember at what age you began to draw drawings on paper? And when did you decide that such beautiful designs would look good on clothes?

  AND.- From a very young age, what I liked to do the most is to draw, my mother has drawings of mine from when I was 2 years old! One day I painted a white T-shirt with markers and that's how it all began, as they were super funny we did more.

  PyM.- How do you choose the drawings that will illustrate your brand's clothes? Do you dare to tell us what you intend to convey with the designs?

  AND.- I give the drawings to my mother, and between the two we choose them, sometimes.

Well, joy, children playing, gymnasts, families, different princesses, but that are fun.

  PyM.- Do you participate in any way in the manufacturing process, such as choosing fabrics, colors, etc?

AND.- When I do not have to study, sometimes, I have gone with my mother to choose fabrics, it is super fun, I wish that one day they could make dresses with the fabric full of my drawings.

  PyM.- How do you feel knowing you are the protagonist of news and interviews?

AND.- Well, it makes me happy and I like it.

  PyM.- Would you like to continue dedicating yourself to design when you are older?

AND.- I would love to be a designer and also an architect, but much remains.

  PyM.- I can't resist asking you, what else do you like to spend your free time besides designing? What do you play with your friends?

AND.- I really like rhythmic gymnastics and dance. With my friends ... in the park we make races, or we play to make colored bracelets, I don't know, what comes to mind every day.

On the Kiddy Mini Model website, we find a whole statement of intent: 'we believe and bet on the infantile period, as the most productive, free and creative time of life; loaded with a spirit of freedom that perhaps, in most cases, is lost over the years'. Although I am sure that in the case of Eva that creativity will not be lost, because it has a great inner world, which is not only noticed in her drawings, but in the attitude she has in the videos when she speaks or relates to the environment.

I must thank Eva who has collaborated with us answering the questions, and Maria (her mother) who has helped us to materialize this interview. Knowing this little one and the people who have opted for their ideas It has been a pleasure. He has also reminded me of Mica's daughter who, with only 4 years, retouched her mother's illustrations, making them more attractive.

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