Fashion party for children: party clothes for babies at irresistible prices

There is less for Christmas and it is time to go thinking about our looks and that of children. Party clothes or more to wear It is rarely used, so if you don't want to spend too much money you can use low cost. The most economical brands and firms design very cute, modern and comfortable party clothes for children and babies. It takes the tulle, the pictures and the velvet for the girls, and for the boys the bow ties and the suspenders…


  • Set of two gray trousers with suspenders and a shirt with a collar, for 17.99 euros.
  • Blue velvet pichi style dress with balloon skirt, for 16.09 euros.
  • AC

  • Three-piece set for babies with jeans, gray shirt and plaid vest, for 24.90 euros.
  • Red corduroy trousers set with white shirt and rhombus sweater in gray and red, for 29.90 euros.
  • Plaid dress with gathered and white t-shirt, for 19.90 euros.
  • Set of 4 pieces for baby girl with gray shorts with t-shirt with drawing, pink cardigan with fur collar and matching leotards, for 29.90 euros.
  • H&M

  • Long-sleeved body with stripes and bow tie drawing and suspenders H&M, for 6.99 euros.
  • Set of plaid pants with suspenders, white shirt and patterned bow tie, for 19.99 euros.
  • Three-piece set with knit dress with plaid frill, red tights and plaid headband, for 17.99 euros.
  • Red velvet dress with bow, for 14.90 euros.
  • Kiabi

  • Long-sleeved shirt in white with polka dot tie, for 9.99 euros.
  • T-shirt with fantasy print and integrated vest with matching pants, for 15 euros.
  • Dress with black body and skirt in gold with flight and detail of ties, for 15 euros.
  • Dress with gray velvet body with flowers and skirt with flight, for 9.99 euros.