A sentence allows you to delay your entry to work to take your child to daycare

That work and family reconciliation lacks a long way to be decent is nothing new, right? But there are small flashes that make us excited about a more family-friendly world.

The court number 18 of the Social of Madrid has dictated a sentence in favor of family conciliation. It allows José, a public employee and cook in a mentally disabled center, delay your entry to work one hour so that you have time to take your child to daycare.

Although he tried to solve it before with the company, he has had to resort to justice to be able to take his son every morning to nursery school before going to work. And it could go wrong, but finally the sentence has made prevail the "protection of the family" over the "organizational difficulties" of work.

José goes to work at 8 in the morning to give breakfast, together with a team of chefs, to a group of people with disabilities. That is the same time at which the one-year-old child goes to the nursery school.

What he asked for is a flexibilization of his schedule, which according to his defense, "does not imply that his entry schedule in the morning shift will be permanently at 9.00, but that this flexibility will allow the worker to take to your child to the school without it being considered that it will drastically affect the service, as claimed by the defendant, since the incidence will be minimal. "

The labor right of being able to take children to school

Many parents' work schedules are really incompatible with their children's school schedules. So who takes them to school or daycare? If there are no other family members or collaborators, should they hire a person to do it for them? It's stupid.

When there is no logical solution (which I imagine that chef José will have looked for all before getting into judicial litigation), the company it should make it easier for their workers to take their children to school. And the same with the departure time. There are very young children who remain in school from the first hour until 18 hours, which is only when their parents can go to pick them up.

It is terrible for children and also for parents, who barely share time together. Hopefully the sentence serves to open more doors in this regard, as it is It is very necessary that work schedules be relaxed in order to attend to our children.

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