21 years later, a student thanks her school teacher and invites her to her Harvard graduation

Throughout our lives as students, many of us have met teachers who inspire us. Either by the dedication they show to their profession or by having left us a message or life lesson, we probably all have some to remember with appreciation and affection.

This is definitely the case with a young woman, who After 21 years of receiving a congratulation from her teacher during a written evaluation, she complied with a very special request: invite her to her Harvard graduation.

When Christin Gilmer was 12 years old, she received the last evaluation from her teacher, Professor Judith Toensing, at the end of the school year. In it, she expresses how much she enjoyed being her teacher and encouraged her to continue working, also mentioning a very special request that at that time seemed a very distant goal: to invite him to his Harvard graduation.

21 years later, at 33 years old, Christin has finished her studies as a Doctor in Public Health. Where? At the T. H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard.

The teachings and lessons that Professor Toensing left in her were so great, that Christin kept that little note all these years. And as requested by his teacher, he received that invitation to Christin's graduation.

Through publications on Christin's Facebook account and the Harvard School of Public Health page, we can see the recognition given to those teachers who not only impart knowledge, but also inspire us and make us continue to fight every day for our dreams.

In an interview for CNN, Christin comments why a small message is so important that it seems very simple: "It meant a lot to me to know that in addition to my mother, someone who knew me so much believed in my dreams and in my abilities to achieve them".

For her part, teacher Toensing felt surprised and very honored, since the invitation was extended by the university and personally delivered by Christin. "I have high expectations of all my students, so hearing that Christin had reached this goal did not surprise me at all. I am honored that Harvard has chosen to tell the story and the journey of Christin, and that I have been a small part of that trip"commented the teacher.

Definitely the mark that a good teacher leaves is one that lasts well beyond the time he spends teaching his students, and it is very pleasant to see that these students recognize and appreciate the support of these dedicated teachers.