My First Danone Parents Club

Through a letter arriving home I learned about created by Mi Primer Danone aimed at parents with small babies 6 to 24 months, such as yogurt.

I have visited the web and I can tell you that I find it really very complete and attractive.

It is a good resource for parents where they can find all the information related to the baby and its growth.

Provide advice on feeding with recipes, menu suggestions and nutritional advice according to your baby's needs.

In addition, it allows you to track its development through growth curves, vaccination schedule or note the output of the first teeth with a section of answers to the most frequently asked questions of a pediatrician.

There are also interactive games, songs, videos of Little People, recommendations on toys for each age and things to do with your baby.

You can also create an album with your baby's photos, make comments and invite others to see it, in addition to creating postcards for special dates.

As I said, very complete. Because it has even more things like the possibility of accessing gifts and special promotions. You just have to register, but if you want before you can do a guided tour to see the contents.

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