Who gets out of bed to calm the baby?

Who has to get out of bed to calm the baby is one of the eternal nighttime dilemmas in couples with children.

It is possible that it has been the subject of more than one discussion and in some cases even affecting the couple's relationship.

It usually happens that it is always one of the two (although we do not fool ourselves, it is usually the woman most of the time) who He gets out of bed to go to calm the crying baby.

The other is so accustomed that the situation will be resolved that he does not even wake up or remember the day after the child cried.

The logical thing is, as in everything concerning the care of children, that the task is shared.

We all like to enjoy good times with children such as bathing or walking, but when it comes to what nobody likes to get out of bed in the middle of the night, it is also the responsibility of the two.

It is positive for the baby to feel that Dad also comes to reassure him and that the father is involved as much as the mother in the nightly sleeplessness. In addition, it is not fair that he always gets up and that the other does not find out.

One solution is to reach an agreement to get up one night each, or depending on the work and tasks of both, that one gets up some days of the week and the other, the rest.

If there is no reason, you can always throw it to luck with the wheel of fortune.

At home, ahem ... it's no exception. The truth is that most of the time I get up, although every time I have less qualms about waking my husband for him to go. So much that lately it is resigned on its own initiative.

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