11 home gadgets that make life easier for parents (and allow us to spend more time with our children)

Life with children is very busy. The little ones require our attention and care for most of the day, and we barely have time to do a lot of things like cleaning, laundry, cooking ... There are solutions that make it easy for us to do these household chores with much less effort and time invested.

Today, we can find numerous gadgets that make our lives easier, gadgets that help parents of young children save or optimize time at home, something that allows us to spend more time with them. For example:

1) Smart speakers with voice activation

Smart speakers are the latest technology and are here to stay. They are devices that respond to your voice commands So you don't need your hands to perform any action, something very interesting when you have a baby in your arms all day.

They allow us to search for information on the internet, get the latest news, listen to music, audiobooks, recipes ... whatever. They also help us in organizational matters such as reminding us of medical appointments, organizing the agenda or knowing the weather it will be today.

It has been found that people with children use voice assistance more than people without children. Logically, because they make our lives so much easier.

Among the best known are: Google Home, the one you see above, (149 euros), Google Home Mini (59 euros), Apple HomePod (349 euros) and Alexa Echo Dot (59 euros) that is part of the family devices Amazon Alexa.

Echo Dot (3rd generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa, anthracite fabric on Amazon for €

Housework takes up parents a lot of time. Laundry, food, cleaning ... There are solutions that make it easier for us to do these tasks with much less effort and time spent. For example:

2) A robot vacuum cleaner

These rolling gadgets help parents with children a lot, as they vacuum the house without the need for us to do anything other than press the power button. And now not even that, because if you want you can ask him by voice to do it. Vacuum robots save us a lot of time and energy, which we can invest in our children.

Among the best known is the Roomba brand, from now on your best friend. You can find from the most basic model, Roomba 605 for 199 euros, to the most advanced as Roomba 980 for 773 euros.

iRobot Roomba 605- Robot vacuum cleaner for hard floors and carpets, with Dirt Detect technology, 3-phase cleaning system on Amazon for €

3) An ironing center

I hate ironing, so I've always dreamed of having one of these. The worst is ironing the shirts, and it seems that these vertical ironing devices make the task a lot easier. He Rowenta Master Valet Steamer, which is what you see above, costs 159.28 euros.

Rowenta Master Valet Steamer Vertical Iron with Steam Brush, Integrated Bracket and Hanger, Accessories for Delicate and Thick Garments, 60 min autonomy, 1500 W, Stainless Steel, Chocolate On Amazon for €

4) A kitchen robot

There are those who enjoy cooking and it is even a good time to share with children, but if you want save time when preparing dishes, kitchen robots are an excellent solution.

They have automatic programs that do everything for us. We can find from the most basic models such as Moulinex Maxichef (69.99 euros), to the most advanced models such as Moulinex Cuisine Icompanion (729 euros), which has Bluetooth connectivity to program everything from your smartphone. Or of course, the well-known, Thermomix.

Moulinex Maxichef Advanced-Kitchen Robots (45 cooking programs, 5 liter capacity, micropress technology), Silver, 750 W, Aluminum, White ColorOn Amazon for € 82.99

5) A clothes bender

A device that folds clothes for us is anyone's dream. It seems that it will come true in 2019 with Foldimate, an appliance the size of a washing machine in which you enter the clothes and returns it perfectly folded. Will you also eat the socks?

5) Intelligent control of your home environment

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach It is a device that includes sensors that measure the air quality of a room, and also records humidity, noise and temperature. An analysis by our colleagues in Xataka concludes that while it is not an essential item, it can be interesting in the case of having babies or people with allergies at home. You can check it from your mobile and its price is 116.44 euros: //www.amazon.es/dp/B01LZEG52T.

Netatmo Quality control of your home environment, indoor air, temperature, humidity, sound and CO2 on Amazon for €

6) Bluetooth locator for lost items

How much time do we waste looking for the keys or the mobile that we do not find? Tile Mate is a bluetooth tracker which connects to your mobile to find what you have lost. You can use it as a keychain and if you have lost your mobile, press the central button of the locator and ring your mobile (a range of 30 meters). Its price is 18.83 euros

Tile Mate: Key Finder. Phone finder. Finder of anything: 1 Amazon package for €

7) Smart pot

Do you always forget to water the plants? Parrot Pot It is a smart pot that integrates four smart sensors (humidity, fertilizer, light and temperature) that send the measured values ​​to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It has a water reserve of 2.4 liters. Only for plants that you want a lot, since its price is quite high: 56.79.

Parrot Smart Pot, Red, 31.2 cm High x 20.5 cm in diameter, PF901001On Amazon for €

8) Heat bottles fast

The microwave is not recommended to heat the baby's bottle, so it is better to look for other options such as the water bath or electrical appliances such as bottle warmers.

He model SCF355 / 00 by Philips Avent heat the bottle evenly in three minutes and also has a defrosting program in case you have extracted the milk and canned frozen. It also serves to defrost and heat baby's food. You find it for 27.50 euros.

Philips Avent SCF355 / 00 - Heats fast bottle, defrost function, uniform liquid heating Spanish plug On Amazon for €

9) A thermometer in the mobile

No need to wake up the little one, Wishbone is an infrared thermometer that connects to the mobile. The result of the temperature is shown on our screen, keeping a historical record of the latest measurements.

It measures body temperature in just two seconds, as well as liquids, objects, environment and even pets. With application for iOS and Android. Your price: 39 euros

Wishbone Infrared Thermometer On Amazon for €

10) Nine color night light

Children are afraid of the dark and feel more secure if they sleep with a night light on. Brunoko is a lamp remover Silicone and nice touch with four modes, nine different lighting colors, and timer. It is also transportable if children need it to go to the bathroom at night. It costs 21.89 euros.

BRUNOKO 9 Color Light 2016 Mini - Multicolored LED Nighttime Child Lamp - USB Rechargeable with Remote Timed - Soft and Washable Silicone on Amazon for €

11) Baby food processor

The 4-in-1 kitchen robot Philips Avent SCF875 / 02 It allows us to prepare baby food at home in a simple and healthy way. Steam, puree, defrost and reheat the homemade meals we prepare for our baby. Its price, 150.26 euros

Philips Avent SCF875 / 02 - 4-in-1 baby food processor, white on Amazon for € 236.80

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