Dads and moms blogs: weekly review

We usually do every week, we bring you some of the interesting content published by dads and moms bloggers in the last days.

In order to promote breastfeeding, in Mimes and Tit They have hung the video you see above in which we see Angelina Jolie immortalized in a statue breastfeeding her twins, a character who has shown that being ultra-famous is not at odds with raising children.

In Reflections of a tanned pediatrician, a very interesting blog about pediatrics and many other things, Dr. García Tornel has written a post entitled My son is wrong in which he explains the main defects in the legs of children, what is normal and what is not.

Mommy online It brings us good news regarding the participation of man in the birth of his children. In his last post he announces that the October 12 hospital allows parents for the first time to enter caesarean births, a decision that I always considered should be from the couple and not from the hospital. It seems that we have made some progress in the humanization of childbirth.

In Natural familyLaura celebrates with great emotion the first two years of her daughter Layla. Two years that have completely revolutionized his life since he had it in his arms for the first time.

Finally, in I'm radiant They show us a small luxury for the most flirtatious moms who want to go fashion: a beautiful Louis Vuitton bag where everything fits for the baby.

We will continue pending the contents that you publish this week on the net to share them with our readers. If you have a blog in which you tell your experiences as a father or mother, we invite you to compare it with us through the comments.

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