High demand babies: go to the WC with the child in your arms

If some years ago someone told me that one day they would see me in the water closed (alias WC), shitting (that mouth) with a baby in her arms I would say no, not crazy, impossible, that's what the chairs, carrycot, walkers and playgrounds are for.

However, today, go to the toilet with the child in his arms It seems to me the most normal thing in the world, so much, that I am even able to explain it in a blog with thousands of daily visits called Babies and more.

Jon was about 10 months old when Miriam confessed to me that I couldn't even go to the WC. As I have already told you, since he was born she does not work, so she has always been with him (until now she has started school with three years).

High demand babies

At that time Jon was fulfilling all the points that would define a high demand baby and Miriam looked every day in the same problem: Jon was a real satellite in his orbit.

It seemed incredible to me that I could not separate from her for a moment and we began to worry about the subject. Luckily common sense and talking with people who had gone through the same reassured us. It was normal, it was the usual separation anguish of all children, but taken almost to the extreme, usual in the so-called high demand babies.

Time was passing and as it is usually said: "to be independent you must be dependent before". Jon became more and more autonomous and now there are not too many cramps of that stage in which he could not breathe without seeing his mother.

When he needs it, he knows it's there, when he needs me, he knows I'm there. Perhaps that is why he calls us little, because he has been so dependent, so “regretting” his mother, that now it is clear that Mom will always be there.

Going back to the WC

It was so much time that Jon spent stuck to us and especially his mother, that going to the toilet with him in his arms ended up being something normal and usual for her. Not for me, because when I was at home he could be with her perfectly.

However, when Aran was born, and with the decompensation of schedules between the two brothers, I have met more than once with him in his arms and Jon sleeping (Aran is an early riser) and suffer that moment of squeeze in which there is no other option Than go to the toilet with the child in his arms.

I know it sounds weird, maybe there are those who think "poor child, there, in a hostile environment", but I think I shouldn't be the only one, so please, if someone else has reached this point as a father or mother, say so.

So I will feel a little less "weirdo" and who knows, if we are many we can even create a fan club or a group on Facebook: "I also fall with my baby in my arms."