Highlights in Babies and more: April 18-24

Today as every week we offer you a summary of highlights of the last week in Babies and more.

We started echoing the interview we did to Rosa Jové on the occasion of the publication of his latest book in which he told us that "Children do not need limits, but standards and values."

We have also talked about how we educate children by asking us the question: When do children lose the ability to be empathic?, In case the signs of lack of empathy could come from mistakes when educating them and, changing a little third, we have shown the last traffic of your children, with Liah painting with food.

Following the language disorders we have talked about childhood aphasia and dysphasia and, following the theme of language, we have explained how it can affect the environment of children in their language.

We have started the debate (and in fact we have discussed long and hard) about Natural Breeding and its essence at the entrances. Is there the Natural Aging pack: natural birth, colecho, no vaccines, portage and breastfeeding on demand? (I) and (II) and we have explained that they advise limiting the use of the pacifier until the year of life.

Now that Mother's Day is approaching, we have started our Mother's Day Special and we have shown you original handmade cookies for mom, content that this week will surely be expanded with several proposals.

Continuing with the entries we are making in recent days related to such a delicate issue as abortion, we have offered you natural abortions: alarm signals.

Speaking a little about pregnancy, we have explained that exercise during pregnancy improves the heart health of children, we have talked about the amnesia of pregnancy and also an action that some pregnant women carry out such as singing to cope with the pain of childbirth.

With regard to the safety of children in the event of possible accidents we have explained what are the basic safety measures for traveling by car with children.

Finally, we have commented on a story that impacts and content (I don't know if in equal parts) to see that the world's most premature baby has come forward.

We hope that this week the contents of Babies and more find them interesting, enjoyable and practical. We will work to make it happen.

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