Cosmetic products that lighten the life of the pregnant woman

Release the notation: I'm pregnant! Everything is joy, emotion and congratulations. It is not for less: you will be a mother. As the months go by, the physical discomforts add up and the final stretch arrives. The last three months become exhausting but the annoying thing is feeling heavy or unfeminine. Cosmetics can lighten your life.

If it is also in the middle of August as now, the heat makes everything more sticky and boring. There are gestures in your cosmetic routines that you should not abandon: your daily facial cleansing, hydration, day and night makeup. Although caring for the face is easy. The difficult thing is the body and precisely in the body cosmetics It is where you will find comfort.

Lighten the heaviness of feet and legs

You have many cosmetic products at your disposal to lighten the feeling of having two pieces of cement by feet, ankles and knees. They are gel textured cosmetics, fresh to the touch and very easy to absorb. The best is the hypothermic reaction that is triggered: cool ice cream on the skin.

I give you the example of Montibello glacil, the most effective tired leg gel I've tried. Assets of plant origin such as goldenrod, lemon and rough give soothing, draining and relaxing properties to the gel. It is transparent green, it smells like menthol and camphor. As soon as you apply it, the sensation of foot and leg heat disappears, the hypothermic action rests the area immediately and lastingly. As if you had just resting your legs for an hour.

You can use it as many times as you need. If you have trouble sleeping at night due to leg pain, apply the product on the legs and will relieve heat and heaviness. Never apply it to the face or intimate parts. They sell it in beauty centers, the tube contains 200 ml. and it costs 25 euros.

Anti-stress aromatherapy body oil

In other European countries, the use of dry body oils It is much more widespread than in Spain. Fortunately, more and more women are using these oils full of natural extracts beneficial for their aromatherapy. Toning, relaxing, invigorating: They exist with all kinds of diverse properties.

One that I really like is the Alqvimia Anti-Stress Body Oil. Good for the skin, good for the senses. Among its active ingredients is Almond vegetable oil, and essential oils of Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lavender, Marjoram and Petitgrain.

I have chosen it as an example because it can be both vitalizing and relaxing. Citrus essences transmit vigor while lavender and marjoram contribute relax to the senses. It is a scented oil that you can use throughout the body or in specific areas.

My advice to use it as aromatherapy of the senses is to apply a little product on shoulders, neck and neck. The oil is nothing sticky (dry oil) and it smells great. A penetrating and pleasant smell that you will notice a good time by evaporation, directly to the sense of smell. It's a delight. After the bath or shower, when you start a little nap, at midnight if you can't sleep. The bottle contains 150 ml. and it costs 48 euros.

Your friend body mist

Hydrating the entire body while in the last trimester of pregnancy can be an impossible mission. Ideally, your partner apply body milk for you with a massage, you can also use a multifunction scented body fragrance. My favorite range is that of Biotherm although there are other brands such as Collistar (Benessere) or Clarins (Eau dynamisante, Eau Tranquility) that have the same type of product.

They are not cology sprays or fresh agra, they are body mists. They serve you as a fresh fragrance, body moisturizer and the aromatherapy you choose: vitalizing, relaxing, toning. Where it is difficult to get by yourself, spray the skin with the mist. The skin benefits and also by the sensation of hydration.

The Biotherm mists They come in two sizes: 50 ml. (24-25 euros) and 100 ml. (44-46 euros). Pure eau It is purifying and revitalizing. Eau Vitaminée It is energetic and moisturizing, it smells like citrus, just like Eau d'Energie.

Small daily gestures that will make you feel good about yourself and that bring quality to your skin. They will make you forget the heat for a while or help you fall asleep. Just pamper yourself now that you have time.