Prevent accidents in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place in the home where we spend a lot of time (sometimes more than we would like) and also with the children. Thus It is important to prevent accidents in the kitchen and that this is a safe place.

We must pay special attention to the kitchen, because in it we find all kinds of objects that can cause damage, such as knives, forks, crystals, can openers, chemicals, gas and fire.

Therefore, there are some safety measures to prevent burns, explosions, cuts, bumps and falls, taking into account that if there are children, these measures must be greater and more demanding.

The Spanish Community Nutrition Society offers recommendations to prevent accidents in the kitchen that we must take into account and remember that it is the place of the house where more accidents occur.

  • The kitchen is not a place of recreation: Do not let your children play in the kitchen or enter when something hot is cooking.
  • Make sure that the handles of the pots and pans do not protrude from the kitchen.
  • Try cooking with the innermost fires in the kitchen. So prevent children from reaching the pots and burning.
  • If we have a conventional oven, a safety device can be installed to detect gas leaks.
  • To avoid fires, try to disconnect the appliances and turn off the gas before going to sleep or on vacation.
  • When there are fires, we should avoid using sprays.
  • To act quickly in front of a fire, place a fire extinguisher next to the kitchen door. All family members, except the smallest, must learn the conditions of use of the extinguisher.
  • Prevent cables from hanging or staying on the floor. This way we will avoid tripping or having children play with them.
  • Try to keep the floor always clean and dry. This way we will avoid slipping and falling.
  • So that children or the elderly do not get hurt, it is convenient to lock up sharp or dangerous objects such as scissors, knives ...
  • To avoid burns, we must count on the use of thermal gloves when taking the handles of the pots and pans.
  • The children are very curious, and they love to open doors and touch dangerous devices: it must be taken into account that there are safety pins that prevent the opening of doors (refrigerator, oven) and switching on appliances.
  • For prevent the little ones from playing with the plugs, we must place protectors on them, as in the rest of the house.
  • Try to always have a glass of water in the microwave. Thus, if children accidentally turn it on, we prevent the oven from breaking down.

In short, the kitchen should be a safe place for children and for the whole family, because there are many accidents that we can have in it, and these tips to prevent accidents in the kitchen They will help us get it.

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