What do you think about teaching young children in English? the question of the week

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Today we want to know your opinion about one of the reforms of the education system that the new Minister of Education of Spain has just announced, the promotion of bilingualism since the second cycle of Early Childhood Education:

What do you think about teaching young children in English?

Do you think it is a measure that will benefit children? Do they "learn" English at these ages? Or on the contrary it is about loading them with contents for which they are not yet prepared? In this of bilingualism (or to be more exact, learning a second language) when they are so small there are diverse opinions and we would like to know yours.

Last week's question

A few days ago we asked you what you play with your children and we have obtained several answers, Gochita explained the following:

My son is 2 years 10 and months and above all, inside the house, we play with clay, which since Santa Claus brought it, is delighted! Another of the things we play a lot with is dinosaurs and animals.

When we are outside, we play with everything within our reach, since we do not usually carry many toys on top because he prefers to play with the bugs of the park, climb on top of the trees or run behind the flies and butterflies, look for flowers or track the earth.

For his part, virginiag told us that:

My girl is two and a half years old and the truth is that she can't stand playing anything. We spent the afternoon between modeling clay, doctors, hairdressers and the house of the bellies. Sometimes we dance or tickle or sit together to watch a movie. It takes a week that all he wants is to put on a princess dress and it's my turn to wear the crown, which the day less thought will ring the bell and I will open with the crown on.

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