Justin Bieber launches Someday perfume in Spain

Justin Bieber has just launched his first fragrance called Someday For the Spanish market. The launch was carried out in collaboration with Give Back Brands, a company that has committed that the benefits of sales will be donated to charitable shares.

What surprised me most about Justin Bieber are his figures on social networks. It has more than 1,000 million views on YouTube, more than 42 million fans on Facebook, that is, an entire country like Spain. It also has 21 million followers on Twitter and according to TIME magazine is one of the 100 most influential people in the world. In other words, those who say that social networks do not understand them too much have nothing more to do with the video that illustrates the article, recorded in Barcelona, ​​to see how a fan phenomenon or better expressed is created: 'belieber'. And it is that the 80s is now planetary and global. The colors, the costumes, the gesture, the hairstyle, everything! It generates a trend among all the adolescents in the world who have access to social networks. An incredible phenomenon.

Someday has already launched in the United States and apparently has positioned itself as the most successful fragrance created by a celebrity. In addition, the collaboration with Give Back Brands ensures that the net benefits obtained will be donated to organizations whose causes are Justin Bieber's favorites.

As I write these notes I find that Someday has also won the 2012 Elizabeth Taylor Fragrance Celebrity of the Year award. There will be awards ceremony on May 21, 2012 in New York and will be presented by the actress of the well-known television series Glee.

The perfume characteristics, according to the press release, is that it has aromas of tangerine, pear William and wild fruits. In the middle you can see jasmine, Lily water, fresh flowers and coconut orchid. And for the end leave the sandalwood, vanilla and soft musk.

As for the bottle design, don't say cologne boat because that's what is sold in bulk, it incorporates the energy of the colors with which Justin is recognized worldwide. It includes layers of hearts to create a suggestive cap that enriches and culminates the glass jar as if it were an explosion.

The most economical version of the Eau de Parfum spray costs 29.95 euros. The large version reaches 49.95 euros.

Really impressive numbers for a young man who started in the summer of 2009 publishing an album and before that he uploaded his videos to YouTube. We can say that Justin has managed to be able to understand the use of social networks and I have no doubt that he will continue to build more and more projects with great success among his fans.

Here I leave the announcement of the fragrance that apparently was filmed in a Boeing 737 that created a zero gravity environment, something similar to the prize enjoyed by the kids who participated in the spacelab contest that we have recently.

Video: Justin Bieber Launches "Someday" Perfume (December 2019).