Netflix releases: movies and series to watch as a family in May 2019

A new month has begun and Netflix has announced the children's releases that we can enjoy as a family in May 2019 With children of all ages.

In its catalog we find some old titles that we can relive with our children as 'ET, the alien', also proposed for superhero lovers, such as 'Spiderman Homecoming' or proposals for teenagers if you have somewhat older children.

Family movies on Netflix

ET the alien

A good opportunity to see this classic of our childhood with our children. The film tells the story of friendship between a child and a lost alien, who has stolen the heart of an entire generation.

  • Premiere May 9

Jurassic World

In Jurassic World, a new species of dinosaur, created by scientists artificially and clearly more intelligent and dangerous than known species, attacks tourists visiting the "Jurassic World" theme park, located on an island off Costa Rica . An ex-military and a zoologist lead the tourists in their attempt to escape alive from the island.

  • May 1st premiere
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Little Red Riding Hood

From the directors of Twilight, 'Little Red Riding Hood. Who are you afraid of? ' It is an adapted film version of the classic children's story is an option to watch with the family, but do not imagine an innocent film for children. Not recommended for children under 12 years since in some scenes it becomes somewhat gloomy.

  • May 1st premiere

Spiderman: Homecoming

From the Marvel franchise, Spiderman Homecoming ('Back home') is considered by some to be the best film of the trepamuros so far, and this has also been reflected at the box office.

The creative team of the new film takes up the story of Peter Parker's origin as a teenager, played by Tom Holland, and a new mission to solve.

  • Premiere May 22


The adventures of Harvey Street

The girls on Harvey Street return to make new family enemies, meet the boys in the music group they idolize and much more. Season 2

  • Premiere May 10

Patatin Pataton

An adorable dog and her best friend (a mouse) go to the nursery. They make friends there, live fun adventures and learn to share.

  • Premiere: May 17

Cupcake and Dino: general services


The brothers return in their second season with more adventures in the infinite world of arrangements and fudge. For this duo, there is no job too big, small or absurd.

  • Premiere May 3

Vera and the rainbow kingdom

When there is a problem in the Rainbow Kingdom, the kind Vera and Bartleby, her best friend, grant wishes and everything is solved.

  • Premiere: May 3

The Watchers of Malibu: the series

Tyler doesn't get out of a problem when he gets into another, so he has no choice but to put on his uniform and spend the summer training to be an elite lifeguard.

  • Premiere May 13

Other titles

  • Heidi, welcome home (season 1): premiere May 1

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