The funny humor of the Suckers, some small toys that travel in the back of the cars, arrives at Clan

Clan is coming Suckers, (life sucks behind the glass / life behind the suction cup) some small toys that hide, or rather are glued to the rear glass of the car, and that in the chapters, of short duration, show their dreams, their fears, their challenges and their interests. These are small pieces with a very fresh and peculiar style. They can be seen from today in Clan every weekend at 8:15 p.m. A very specific schedule designed for all the kids in the house.

Some Suckers They are Travis, Constantines Kawaii, Panda 8, Mc Speaker and the Vandross Brothers and they travel close to the glass of the car so when they get tired they live their adventures, nice and somewhat hooligans, with urban atmosphere and at the pace of hip hop. The series is aimed at children between 6 and 12 years old who already have the capacity to understand humor, which does not use dialogues, and smile with the small stories of urban reality, with a cool and sometimes irreverent humor of the Suckers.

Travis is a stuffed animal with suckers, selfish and adventurous, his patient companion is Constantine. Kawaii is a beautiful doll. Panda 8 is disturbing, there is also rapper McSpeaker and crazy Vandross Brothers.

The series has a prize Kids' Jury for the best animated series (MIPCOM JR, Cannes) and the third 3D Art Futura award in Spain. The series is produced by BRB. BRB is an international company that has more than 35 years of experience in production, distribution and licensing of high quality family content and one of the leading companies in Europe. When we were little the parents of now we watched series of BRB like Dartacán, Willie Fog or David the Gnome. BRB currently adapts to the times with series that incorporate the latest in design, stereoscopic 3D, computer animation and, at least in suckers, messages updated to our reality.

Here you can see a Suckers chapter example in which a boring Travis and a bag, full of surprising objects, is forgotten in the back of the car. The fun is served.

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