The 17 most original summer camps for children to enjoy the summer of their life

Have you stopped to think that in a month your children will already be on vacation? With the town, grandparents and family vacations, do you cover the two and a half months of summer?

Do not worry. It is normal not to arrive and the camps, both urban and overnight, are an excellent option to have a great time while working. And if they also learn values, sports, music, cooking, cinema ... the alternative is round. Here you have a selection of the 19 most original camps for 2019, where children will spend the best summer of their lives. You sign up?

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Equestrian Pyrenees: International Horse Riding

For those passionate about horses and nature, who also like to meet young people from other countries and practice languages. If it is the case of your son, the camps of the equestrian Pyrenees equestrian center, is his first option.

It offers a total immersion in the equestrian world with English as a common language, in which children and young people, separated into small groups by age, practice dressage, jumping, cross and natural driving. They will enjoy both the three sandy and two grassy slopes of the center, as well as riding a horse through the Aragonese Pyrenees, where they will learn guidance and safety in the mountains and even be able to stick a soak in the Aragon River without getting off their mount.

In addition, the camp includes two daily hours of English, French, or Spanish classes for foreigners, with native teachers and in small groups. And they will have the option of applying what they learned in the different summer games. Fun on all fours!

  • Age: For children and young people from 8 to 18 years.
  • Duration: From one week, from June 23 to September 1, 2019.
  • Place: In Jaca, Aragonese Pyrenees.
  • Price: 1,180 euros.
  • More information: Equestrian camps

Rock Camp: rock music, 24 hours

Designed for our teenage music fans, because the organizers ensure that the boys live rock 24 hours a day. They can improve their skills as musicians, learning and perfecting guitar, bass keyboard, voice or drums, two hours a day. They will also discover the history of rock, create their own songs, know how to sound for concerts and find the aesthetic that most suits your sound ... In addition, they will end up losing shame on stage, since at the end of the camp they will perform with their band in direct.

And they will still have time to enjoy nature with games, evenings, geocaching, archery, swimming pool ...

  • Age: For boys from 12 to 17 years old.
  • Duration: 10 days.
  • Place: Sotolengo Youth Camp (40 km. From Soria).
  • Price: 765 euros.
  • More information: Rock Camp As we see on its website, there are already exhausted shifts, so book fast.

And if your child can't wait to turn 12, you can opt for the Camp Rock Junior version, for children ages 9 to 11.

  • Age: 9-11 years
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: 445 euros

WOB Campus: training in emotions (and basket)

After 19 years organizing this campus, their trainers talk about their camp as "the 6 most exciting, fun and creative days for a child between 4 and 18 years old".

Because they ensure that children are receptive beings that grow with each lived experience: "That is why we are committed to a proposal of maximum quality that provides them with values, resources and possibilities for their development and self-discovery."

In this camp located in Malaga, there is room to learn English, play sports and play basketball, with the unavoidable presence of an NBA player. In addition, they have their own R&D department and live television channel.

But, as they say, it is much more than English or basketball, and its activities have as background a Education in values: "We maximize the qualities of each Wober and help him make the best of himself. That is why we introduce emotional education, acroyoga, the garden, music and dance, thus facilitating the training of the spirit."

There are four camping modalities depending on the preferences: Basket Pro (12-18 years old); Sport & Experience (9-18 years old); English (9-18 years) and Kids (4-8 years).

  • Duration: Two shifts: July 7 to 13 and July 14 to 20.
  • Place: Los Olivos School, (10 minutes from Malaga center).
  • Price: 645 euros (internal regime) and 495 euros (urban camp)
  • More information: Wob campus.

Urban camp 'A Summer of Cinema'

It is the first camp dedicated to 'future filmmakers' in a professional and fun and entertaining way. Organized by the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid, it is a creative space with film and audiovisual workshops for children and adolescents.

The courses are adapted to the age of future directors, decorators, producers, interpreters ...: Playing to make cinema (8 to 10 years); Young Filmmakers (11 to 13 years old) and My first movie (14 to 17 years old).

They will discover the ins and outs of the cinematographic world, they will learn to understand films of different genres, they will record image and sound, they will mount, they will interpret… They choose the role they want to play in the camp.

So if you want to develop the innate creativity of your daughter or daughter, this is your great opportunity to do it like the great cinema figures. Filmed?

  • Age: 8-17 years
  • Duration: Weekly, from June 24 to July 26.
  • Schedule: 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and extended from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Place: Image City (Madrid).
  • Price: 190 euros / week, with discount for extra week.
  • More information: ECAM

Fundacamp: inclusive and solidarity camp

In the 'A LA PAR Foundation' urban camp, children can, among many other things, learn English dynamically through outdoor activities such as tennis, paddle tennis, soccer, crafts, climbing, archery, dancing and cooking classes, taught by qualified monitors and native teachers.

But they also learn and a lot of diversity, through visits to their workshops, sharing games and activities with other children with different abilities. In addition, the elderly collaborate one hour a week in the workshops as volunteers.

And also, by enrolling your child in the camp you are collaborating with the 'A LA PAR Foundation', which works for the rights and participation of people with intellectual disabilities in our society.

  • Age: from 3 to 15 years.

  • Where: Las Huelgas Monastery, 15 - Montecarmelo, Madrid.

When: from June to September.

  • Schedule: from 9 to 14 h; from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Price: from 175 euros / week (without food) to 230 euros with food and snack included as well.

  • More information: Foundation at par.

Explorer Cap: robotics and surfing

From the base of Sopelana, from Monday to Friday in the morning, a bus picks them up and transfers to Bilbao to carry out the chosen technology workshops. In the activities that are carried out during the morning from 09:00 to 14:00, they will enjoy the technology, learning tools that will make them able to develop their own projects in the area of ​​robotics, videogames programming, drones, Laser Tag , 3D printing, Unity or Minecraft.

After lunch they are transferred to the beach to enjoy the afternoon of surfing and bodyboarding at the Pukas Peñatxuri Surf Club. At night, in the chalet where they sleep (200 m from the beach) There will be outdoor dinners, barbecues and time for games and relaxation in an unbeatable environment.

  • Age: from 9 to 17 years old.

  • Where: Pukas Peñatxuri Surf Club, Sopelana (Bilbao).

  • When: from Sunday to Sunday, from June 23 to July 19.

  • Price: from 650 euros / 5 days.

  • More information: Technological Camp

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Urban Price Camp: more than a circus

In the circus everything is possible and children can discover it in the summer camp that the famous Price Circus organizes during the summer months.

Three different teams of professionals will guide you to fly away:

  • Art team: Atelier Tipi monitors will help you shape the characters and places you want to discover.

  • Circus and dance team: 'Volando Voy Danzando Vengo' teachers will teach you a form of expression that fuses circus and dance so you can develop your artistic abilities.

  • Cinema team: The team of 'Kids in Black' reads will help to make an on-board diary in the form of documentary video, so you will learn different audiovisual techniques.

The three teams will work together with each group, articulating a tour of circus, dance, scenic design and different cinema each week.

You can become a true artistic creator, depending on your age: butterfly (between 5 and 7 years); hummingbird (between 8 and 11 years old) and dragon (between 12 and 14 years old).

  • Age: from 5 to 14 years.
  • Duration: Weekly, from July 1 to 26.
  • Hours 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and extended (free), from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Place: Circus Price Theater, Ronda de Atocha, 35 (Madrid).
  • Price: 120 euros / week and 350 euros the whole month.
  • More information: Circus Theater Price.

Summer School of the City of Arts and Sciences: for astro-nauts

His philosophy: turn children into scientists of the future. To fulfill this objective, they put at their disposal the Hemisfèric, the Museum of the Sciences and the Oceanogràfic, where everything will revolve around science.

  • In the Hemisfèric they will tour our galaxy in search of traces of life. With the help of 'Berklee College of Music Valencia' you will enjoy a music and videogame workshop on space themes. And as space explorers, they will conduct experiments on the International Space Station and train as true astronauts in the Waterballs and the Kayaks of the lakes.

  • In the Oceanogràfic, they will investigate the theory of evolution, meet fantastic animals such as the Pacific and Indian sharks and the giant turtles of the Oceanic Islands. They will spend a whole night sleeping with sharks!

And as icing: visit the magical universe of 'Harry Potter: The Exhibition', to discover all its secrets.

  • Age: from 5 to 12 years.
  • Duration: from June 24 to July 19.
  • Schedule: From 8.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Place: City of Arts and Sciences. Av. Of Professor López Piñero, 7 (Valencia).
  • Price: 240 euros / five days, with meals, breakfast and dinner.
  • More information: City of Arts and Sciences.

RFEF football campus: sport all over Spain

We cannot deny it. Football arouses passions since childhood and in summer they have more time to practice it and learn its techniques.

If you want to fulfill your wish, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) organizes internal and external football camps in Spain, so that boys and girls get more motivated to practice football after learning with professionals in this sport. And wearing the shirt of our National Team, like real professionals.

Of course, between training and training, there is also time to take a dip.

Where. At the RFEF headquarters of:

  • Madrid: Soccer City of Las Rozas. From June 30 to July 27, technification campus for boys and girls from 10 to 17 years, external and internal. The schedule of the urban camp is from 10 to 14 h.

  • To Coruña At Cerceda, Cedeira and Ames. For children from 8 to 17 years old, from June 30 to July 27, 2019.

  • Asturias. In El Berrón (Pola de Siero), for boys and girls between 8 and 17 years old. External football campus from July 15 to 19.

  • Zamora. For soccer players and soccer players between 8 and 17 years old, internal or external soccer campus from June 30 to July 13.

  • U.S. For the more adventurous, between 8 and 17 years old, the RFEF proposes a stay at its headquarters in Mississipi from June 2 to 8.

Price: approx. 295 euros / five days, externally and 1,195 euros, internally.

More information: Royal Spanish Football Federation

Urban Kitchen Academy Camp: for future chefs

If your son or daughter likes to get stained in the kitchen and always asks to help you, this summer you can make them feel like a contestant of the Master Chef program, but without the rush and bad times that the jury puts them there.

Master Academy, with centers in Las Rozas. Alcobendas and Getxo, proposes some very succulent recipes: Breakfast + Confectionery Workshop + Cooking Workshop + Outdoor activities.

But in addition to taking their first steps in the kitchen, children will learn the basics of the world of gastronomy; they will receive advice from kitchen professionals (Masterchef contestants included); understand the importance of a balanced diet to lead a healthy life; They will know advanced cooking techniques and their application, they will learn to work as a team… And all this, in a fun way.

  • Age: 5-14 years.
  • Duration: June, July and September.
  • Schedule: from 8 to 16 h.
  • Place:
  • Kitchen Las Rozas: Belmonte Castle, 3.
  • Kitchen Alcobendas. Dolores Ibárruri Street, 21.
  • Kitchen Getxo: Errotatxu Polygon, Local C12.
  • Price: 165 euros / week (five days).
  • More information: Kitchen Academy

Vorwaerts: linguistic immersion without leaving Spain

Vorwaerts organizes summer language immersion camps in German and English, to learn while having fun.

The program is made up of varied activities where children can play sports, carry out creative workshops, falconry and much more. The activities are designed for children to enjoy the summer and practice English or German in day-to-day activities, thus achieving a better acceptance of the language.


Located in the Sierra de Madrid, in the middle of nature, it allows to carry out very varied activities while only speaking in English or German (depending on choice):

  • Hiking with nature path and orientation.
  • Interact with live animals.
  • Horse riding, archery, volleyball, traction kites, football, yoga, paintball, dance, climbing and zip line).
  • Workshops and crafts: theater, Lego and Robotis Kidslab, paint, leather, wool, resin, mud, soaps, puppets, candles, recycling….
  • English or German classes: two hours, with conversation, listening and reading comprehension.

  • Age: 8 to 15 years.

  • Duration: from July 1 to July 28, 2018 and August 26 to September 1
  • Place: Villanueva del Pardillo, 25 km from Madrid.
  • Price: 520 euros / week and 980 euros / 15 days.
  • More information: Vorwaerts


Children can choose between four camps, according to their preferences:

  • Deutsch Camp: Apollo 11, the trip to the moon. Activities and games in German (July 1-5). Harry Potter, children become Hogwards students (July 8-12).

There is the option of hiring semi-private German classes for one hour a day.

  • English Camp: Fun and entertaining educational activities in 100% English, with native monitors.

  • Experiment Camp: The world of science and experiments.

  • Tech Camp: Mindcraft Video Game, 3D and 2D Design, electronics.

  • Age: 6-14 years.

  • Place: German School, Monte Carmelo (Madrid) and Volkswagen Polo Park (Pamplona).

  • When: from July 1 to 8 and from July 9 to 13.

  • Schedule: flexible from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In addition, every day there will be water games and Thursdays, excursion.

  • Price: from 171 euros (without food).

  • More information: Vorwaerts

In Babies and moreThree original summer camps for children (2017)

Colonies Pyrene, sustainable camp at 1.90o meters high

In the middle of the Catalan Pyrenees, in a sustainable camp, Pyrene proposes that our children learn to protect the environment and act in the face of the crisis.

They define their camps as unique:

"Living in the forest, seeing in the dark the rays illuminating the night, noticing the rain on the face, feeling the force of the wind on the tops. We walk towards nature looking for simplicity, the most intimate and wild reality."

They can do it in six different camps, all of them located in Fontanera Camp, Cta. de la Feixa, s / n, Guils de Cerdanya (Girona). It is 1,900 meters high. Among them:

JUNIOR ADVENTURE You will discover La Cerdanya doing orientation, canyoning, trekking, horse riding, mountain biking and community services.

There is the option to make the camp with English language immersion: Wild Adventure Camp, with native monitors.

  • Age: From 10 to 13 years old and from 14 to 17, for the camp in English.

  • When: From June 23 to July 27.

  • Price: 399 euros / week. 420 euros / week, Wild Adventure.

  • More information: ** Pyrene Colonies

BIKE So that your children discover Cerdanya and the Pyrenees by pedaling for 7 days and learning English. They will cross forests, follow rivers, jump rocks and reach beautiful Romanesque churches by mountain bike. And all in English, to learn it in an experiential way, without theoretical classes.

  • According to age:

  • Junior Bike, for children from 10 to 14 years. Shifts from June 23 to 29 and from June 21 to 27.

  • Big Bike, for young people from 14 to 17 years old. Shifts from June 23 to 29 and July 14 to 20.

  • Price: 420 euros / week.

  • More information: Pyrene colonies.

7 X 7 CROSSING Seven peaks in seven days. From the sustainable camp they will begin a journey on foot until reaching the most emblematic peaks of the Cerdanya and the neighboring regions; the Puigpedrós, Bony Manyer, Carlit, Peric, Coma d'Or, Puigmal, Tossa Plana de Lles, Perafita or Pedraforca.

They will sleep outside the camp in sheltered shelters, shepherd's cabins, tents and, if time permits, they will make a bivouac.

  • Age: from 14 to 18 years.

  • When: from July 21 to 27.

  • Price: 420 euros / week.

  • More information: Pyrene colonies


For the smallest of the camp to discover mountains, forests, lakes and rivers taking the nature that surrounds us as a thread of activities: they will build cabins, climb mountains, ride horses or study the stars.

  • Age: from 7 to 10 years.

  • When: from June 30 to July 27.

  • Price: 420 euros / week.

  • More information: Pyrene camps.

Alliance Française: surfing in French, in Asturias

The variety of thematic camps proposed by this French cultural institution and the attractive French-speaking destinations where they are held, makes you want to travel in the body.

But it is clear that not all parents can or want to send their children outside of Spain to learn a language. So we are left with your closest options.

Alliance Français organizes a camp in Tierra de Pinares, 15 km from Medina del Campo (Valladolid), for children aged 7 to 14 (1,100 euros a week), where native teachers speak to children in French all day.

But if your child needs an extra stimulus to reinforce the language and likes the beach, the best option is to send him to the summer camp that this institution has in Asturias.

It is located in a privileged environment, next to the beach. The proposed program, from Monday to Friday, combines three hours of French lessons with three surf classes, in addition to other activities such as canoeing, stand up, paddle and excursions.

  • Age: from 12 to 16 years old.

  • When: from June 30 to July 13.

  • Where: Ships, next to Llanes (Asturias).

  • Price: 1,295 euros / 15 days.

  • More information: Alliance Française.

In Babies and more When choosing summer camp, what should we consider?

English Urban Camp: for very British detectives

The network of extracurricular activities for schools, Educa 3, present in 12 Spanish provinces, organizes urban summer camps with very attractive themes for children of all ages and in different parts of our geography with a common thread: all are in English.

An example is the urban camp that takes place in Orense, with weekly themes, 100% in English and with native teachers: they will become superheroes, chefs, minions and explorers and detectives.

Because, what child does not take to play the detectives, explore, search, solve mysteries ... It is great to see how these challenges are generated in their heads and grow to find out and investigate, to the point of forgetting that they are doing in English.

  • Age: From 3 to 12 years

  • When: from June 22 to August 31.

  • Schedule: from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and with extended hours from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Where: to choose one of these three Orense centers: CEIP Virxe de Covadonga (Eiroás Building); CEIP Vistahermosa and CEIP Terras de Maside.

  • Price: 60 euros / five days and 72 euros, for extended hours.

  • More information: Educa 3

Aventurama: art camp in nature

There are children who have a specific interest or facility for activities other than sport. Aventurama makes summer camps that focus on developing the creative skills of our children, always maintaining a constant relationship with nature. How would you feel being an artist? What do you have to do to be a good comic artist? Do you want to take perfect pictures?

With this approach, they have designed an artistic summer camp in Talayuelas, a Cuenca town located southwest of the Serranía de Cuenca at 1000 meters of altitude, with very pleasant temperatures in summer.

Creative workshops include: digital photography, short film, comic, manga, dance, theater, drawing, painting, stamping, sculpture, design, night photography, anime and cinema projection, thematic gymkhanas, videogames tournament ...

The 10 hectares of the camp include rope parks, archery, climbing wall and zip line. In addition, there are football, volleyball and basketball courts, a 50 m fenced pool with lifeguard and 24-hour sanitary service.

  • Age: from 9 to 17 years (with age groups).

  • When: from July 1 to 29.

  • Where: Talayuelas, southwest of the Serranía de Cuenca.

  • Price: from 345 euros / week.

  • More information: Adventure.

In treble clef, for the musician inside

The first cooperative music camp, without competition and only reserved for a few who want to live music in another way: only 40 seats.

From the hand of qualified teachers and recognized musicians, children will learn to develop their skills and improve their talent. There are teachers of singing, guitar, bass, rubbed string, piano, electric guitar, recording ... Because at the end of the camp they will record their own model, after four hours of daily music class, always taught in a personalized way and funny.

In addition, children and young people will have adventure and sports activities such as paddle surfing, kayaking, mountain excursions, hiking, caving and evening evenings. There will also be rope park and water activities.

  • Age: from 8 to 12 years old and from 13 to 17 years old.

  • When: from July 13 to 20 and from July 21 to 28.

  • Where: The castle of El Burgo de Osma (Soria).

  • Price: 595 euros.

  • More information: In treble clef

Fama dance school, choreographies and much more

With an extensive Certified Training Program in Urban Dances and Performing Arts, your children will learn from teachers and choreographers of the Fama dance school, in addition to enjoying endless leisure and nature activities.

You will discover the wonderful world of dancing in a safe, professional and controlled by monitors and highly qualified staff 24 hours a day.

You can choose between different locations in Spain (even a destination is London). One of them is located on Playa del Lago, Ciudad Real.

The camp includes 25 hours of weekly dance training and artistic workshops (15h for the group from 7 to 12 years old).

The styles in urban dances that will be worked on: Urban Dance, Commercial, HipHop, Lyrical HipHop, FreeStyle, Modern Dance, Break Dance, Modern & Contemporary Dance, Contemporary Jazz, Technique, Afrobeat & Dancehall ... in addition to the scenography and choreographic assembly of a show show that will be shown at the Final Gala and the Show Contest, with medal delivery and a fabulous full training scholarship to the winner.

But there is also a lack of water and multi-adventure activities, prehistory and archeology workshops, night of stars, survival games, climbing and rappelling, canoeing, zip line descents, suspension bridges, archery, evenings, theme night games ...

  • Age: from 7 to 18 years.

  • When: from June 30 to July 7 (from 7 to 12 years old) and from July 7 to 14 (from 13 to 18 years old).

  • Where: Arroyo de Carboneras Beach Lagos, Carboneras (Ciudad Real).

  • Price: 420 euros, 8 days and 7 nights.

  • More information: Fame

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