Christmas at the Price to enjoy a lot of family emotions

We could not resist going to see the spectacular Christmas function at the Price at the Circus Price Theater in Madrid. And we have not been disappointed by the wonderful performance of ten groups of artists who with their numbers got us excited. The script of the performance is maintained by Maya (the young woman in the helmet of the image) and Darío (who always escaped and Maya claimed our attention to find him). The two present great adventures like those of the impossible juggling under the music of Mozart, fantastic aerial numbers (one with slings and another with a wheel of death) without net and full of risk and beauty.

You can also see the extraordinary poetry with sand that can be seen projected on the giant screen, the evil one lord of lasers, the Chinese acrobatics with diabolos and antipodism, spectacular acrobatics with balance and one elastic bed With fantastic jumps. And it is that the circus is able to awaken our illusion and make the young and old enjoy throughout the show.

The number of the death wheel It was the best of the night with an emotion without limits among the audience that we attended hallucinated to the balances that the young people made while the wheel did not stop spinning. The movements of the artist on the wheel with his head covered filled the room with exclamations and from hands to mouth so as not to scream. A spectacular number that fills the stage and has an extraordinary rhythm. Although if we talk about rhythm, all the numbers are full of it. It is one of the characteristics of this show of great quality, the speed at which they perform, the perfection they achieve and especially the emotion they generate.

There is functions at 12:00, at 4:30 p.m. and at 7:30 p.m. although the schedule is variable according to the day of the week in question. It is very important to check the schedules.

In addition, and according to the days established by the Circus Price, they are offered attractive discounts for those under 14, for students with a young card, for those over 65 and for people in wheelchairs. In addition, children under 4 enter free, provided they do not occupy a seat.