This is why it has been years of struggle to change hospital protocols: it makes you want to not be born

Imagine nine months floating quietly in a warm fluid, in low light, without going hungry or thirsty and hearing the muffled outside world without any sound especially disturbing. Nine months of true peace so that the day comes when your mother will finally hug you and realize that all the love you expected to receive does not come, because they take you anyway, with the head hanging, they wiggle you with an exaggerated abruptness and ignore your distress claims.

Imagine also that you are born with an extremely sensitive mouth and smell, prepared to smell mom and look for her chest, with the mouth ready to hold on to him and show that you know how to suck and notice, instead, that you get something that is not a chest, who rattle and scare you and that, in short, do all those things that are not recommended for a baby to have a satisfactory breastfeeding and all those things that nobody would like us to do: makes you want not to be born.

It makes you want not to be born and makes you want to say: “where is my mother, what do I get where I came from”. I am aware that today it is not so easy to see these images in a hospital, however it is not impossible, because the protocols and recommendations have changed very recently and the baby is given to the mother for a short time so that Spend the first moments of your life with her. Without going any further, I have had three children, I have seen how with the first one the treatment of babies was more or less like in the video and how, with the third, six years later, many things have changed.

There is still much to do, because people do not go from treating mothers and babies badly to respect them overnight and because they follow protocols and norms that suggest doing practically the opposite of what has been done in recent decades. It seems, to many people, more a fad than a real health need. However it seems that the address is correct and it seems, and I hope, that one day we will see this video and we can say: look, many years ago children were treated like this at birth... how wild, right?

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