Valentine's craft: heart-shaped puppet cards

We are immersed in the celebration of Carnivals, and apart from the big celebrations in the places with more tradition, our children will have the opportunity to celebrate it at school. And more than one dad or mom may be encouraged to organize a party at home.

Costumes, accessories such as these glasses, great enthusiasm and desire to have fun, will accompany us for a few days. Let's take advantage of the time left because next Tuesday this period ends to give way to Lent.

In Peques and Más we do not forget anything, because between makeup tests and search for scarves and ties for Carnival costumes, we also have time to think about Valentine's Day (only two days later). And as we know that you will have ended up exhausted with so much hustle and bustle, we bring you a very simple craft to propose to your children. It is about puppet cards I've found in Spoonful: they are very easy to make and fun to use, two features that make them attractive to kids.

Necessary materials:

  • Pink or light violet cardboard, scissors, glue, waxes and pastel paints, mobile craft eyes, glitter, punch.


A paper is cut out heart-shaped template of about 10 cm. high and 8 cm. width (at the top). The size is indicative because it depends on the hands of the kids. The template is used to get cardboard hearts.

In the narrow part of the heart two circles of a centimeter (more or less) are drawn and cut with the punch. Now we just have to glue the moving eyes and decorate the face of our nice character with glitter, waxes, and we can even give it a special touch by blurring pastel paint.

Finally the children will write a message of love from behind, now We already have our Valentine's crafts ready: puppet that children will dance with their fingers, and greeting card, all in one. And for you to have a choice, I remind you of this nice butterfly that Miriam brought us some time ago.

I hope you enjoy it.