"Bowen Island", a tribute to Jules Verne and other classics of the adventure genre

Yesterday was awarded the 2013 National Prize for Children and Youth Literature to "Bowen Island", the story that César Mallorquí has ​​dedicated to Jules Verne, and the great classics of the genre.

The novel, with international translations in France, Brazil and Korea, was initially awarded the Edebé Prize for Youth Literature, and more recently it has managed to be “Best Youth Novel of 2012”, according to Babelia, and according to the magazine The Temple of the Thousand doors. In this year 2013 he has been a finalist for the best science fiction novel in the Black Week of Gijón and will appear on the IBBY Honor Roll 2014 that highlights the best youth novels around the world
The author has waited patiently for the time to write a story in the style of his admired Julio Verne. I didn't mean to imitate him, but I did reproduce the memories and sensations that Verne's work had left in him. So "Bowen Island" responds to love for a literary genre.

César Mallorquí has ​​been fond of literature since he was a child, and He has an important career as an author of fantastic literature, adventure, science fiction and youth; at the same time that his work has been awarded several times.

His works include The Circle of Jericho (1995), The Stamp Collector (1996), The Cathedral (2000), The Tears of Shiva (2002), The Fly Company (2004), The Secret Calligraphy (2008) or Leonís, with illustrations by Miguel de Unamuno (2011).

In the age classification of the Edebé website, this book is recommended for children from 14 years old, although younger ones can enjoy it, provided they like the more classic adventures. They will meet Professor Ulises Zarco, photographer Samuel Durango, and imagine that they travel to Bowen Island, beyond the Arctic Circle.

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