Menuterraneus can now be carried on the mobile device

Almost a year ago we talked about Menuterraneus, a perfect application for plan the family menu of the week. Your smart algorithm or computer program generates a balanced weekly menu using the information of the school menu and the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet. The result is an offer of varied and simple recipes that can also be expanded so that the application learns and the user can adapt the menu to their preferences. In Menuterraneus the goal is to add the menu ingredients to the Shopping list and also included discount coupons thanks to the alliances that weave with the usual brands.

The good news is that you can already download your application for mobile devices in the App Store, for iOS iOS or in Google Play for Android OS. With the mobile application we can always check the menu of the week, he school menu of our children (it is necessary to load it previously), know the Shopping list At any time, take photos from your mobile to illustrate our own recipes, etc. In addition, the application, which to use it requires prior registration, is synchronize with the Menuterraneus website automatically.

In the previous screen you can see a recipe example based on vegetables which are accessible in the application and can be consulted on the phone or on the Internet with a computer.

The application allows you to know the next lunch or dinner, depending on the time of day, the items on the shopping list and an outstanding recipe that will change periodically. In addition there is a section of featured where news of interest are included.

From the mobile device it is very easy check all recipes, mark as favorites those that we like the most or eliminate those that we don't like. You can always check the complete list of recipes or use filters by category and search engine.

In the following image you can see the proposed menu for my house, I have not been able to download the menu of the little one to have more integration although I am in it, and it is a very simple way to organize the week.

Also from the mobile you can also create new recipes. Although it is not the most comfortable device to write large amounts of text it is very useful for attach the photo to the recipe. As the application on the mobile and on the Internet version are synchronized, we can create the recipe on the mobile with the basic data and the photo and then on the computer finish completing it by adding the ingredients and the final elaboration.

For users of the Android operating system the application can be downloaded here and for Apple users here.

We congratulate Menuterraneus because his proposal has a lot of value and continues to grow since it started a year ago. It is a matter of time that we get used to managing the purchase, meals and recipes through very interactive and practical applications that we will carry in your pocket.

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