The Faces exhibition by Paco Seoane starts to enjoy his pencil creatures

TO Paco Seoane We met him recently in Peques and Más in an interview in which he explained that drawing was part of his life, that he had been drawing since he was a child and that he did not conceive his day to day without drawing. Now we will be able to know you more thanks to the tour of Faces that has just started and that can be seen in the Montsequi Gallery in Madrid from the 8th to the 24th of May 2014.

It is also planned that the exhibition travel during 2014 through more Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Marbella Y La Coruña. I have been able to attend the opening party of the exhibition, which has gathered a large number of audiences as you can see in the image, and I have enjoyed watching the drawings made by Paco Seoane. And it is that his drawings are very special because they show the intimate and personal work of his author with pencils and with models. I really liked the realism and detail of the images and especially the intensity and strength of the portraits that look spectacular live.

General map of the Montsequi Gallery at the Paco Seoane exhibition

In the speech that Paco has offered, he thanked all the assistance, the models, of which many of them were in the exhibition, their generosity, also to the Montsequi Gallery the effort to show their work, has valued social networks as a means to reach more people and he has remembered his relatives, especially his grandmother, and his friends for supporting him. I have taken the opportunity to congratulate you and wish you many successes.

Paco Seoane in full presentation of his work at the Montsequi Gallery

As there were many people in the exhibition and although it has given me time to see several of the works I believe that we will have to spend another day with the family and know, appreciate and enjoy more of Paco Seoane's captivating work.

Detail of the spectacular work of Paco Seoane